Skills and Services

engineering design

We design solutions for all the main building services:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical Supply and distribution
  • Lighting and power
  • Hot & cold water systems
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Fire protection
  • Security detection and alarm
  • Access control
  • Data Communications
  • Lifts


We advise on new architectural designs and produce supporting documentation for planning applications to ensure that proposals comply with regulations and requirements. We also assess existing buildings’ performance, producing reports of energy and carbon emissions, and recommending strategies for improvement. Our consultancy services cover: 

  • Energy Statements and Reports 
  • SAP and SBEM Assessments of energy and carbon emissions 
  • BREEAM Assessments 
  • EPC and DEC certification
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation 

From our offices in London and Hertfordshire, we provide designs and consultancy services to create healthy, comfortable, and sustainable buildings.

energy & sustainability

We specialise in low energy, low carbon buildings, and offer expert advice on addressing the challenges of climate change in the built environment. Our engineers work closely with architectural and structural engineering teams, so that low carbon and renewable energy strategies can be incorporated into building designs. Our work also covers monitoring the environmental and energy performance of buildings, during design stages and following project completion. 

passive design

Considering a building’s location, form, and material fabric, as well as the type and patterns of its occupancy, we aim to achieve comfortable conditions without the use of energy-intensive systems, particularly in the light of climate change. Our passive design strategies include insulation and natural ventilation, and we also advise on architectural measures such as building orientation, window size, ventilation openings, solar shading and thermal mass. The process minimises the overheating risk in summer, and therefore the requirement for air conditioning, but also heating energy demand in winter. 

We design and advise for both new and existing buildings, including conversions, heritage and listed properties.

digital modelling

We use industry-leading modelling software to analyse building performance and assess the potential to reduce reliance on energy-intensive systems. Using dynamic 3D simulations that incorporate historical and predicted weather and daylight data, we develop solutions that are both cost effective and energy efficient for the end user. 

Our modelling facilities include accurate simulation of interior and exterior lighting designs to meet architectural intent and regulatory requirements.  


We are expert in renewable energy systems, including heat pumps, photovoltaics, solar thermal and biomass, which are essential to achieve net zero carbon in buildings. For each project, we follow the ‘fabric first’ passive design approach, and then select the most appropriate systems for the building and its usage patterns.  

We ensure that the equipment we specify is of proven quality and reliability, but also cost effective. 

supervision & support

We monitor every project until completion to ensure the quality of the building services installations and successful handover to our clients, and can also offer support with cost planning throughout the project timeline. The modest scale of our practice means that we can provide consistent communications and personalised support, tailored to client needs. 

post occupancy evaluation

We offer Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) following the first year of a completed project’s occupancy. A POE is a valuable way of obtaining client feedback, ensuring that completed buildings perform energy efficiently in use, and making sure that systems are functioning as intended to meet the occupants’ needs.